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An online book rental & knowledge sharing service with presence across multiple Indian cities


A gourmet coffee products business that gives you the pleasures of being your own Barista


A framework for building online educational businesses. Apart from running cultureplace.in we also power several online educational portals


Shopify for influencers. Helps influencers build their own digital business selling content, products & their expertise

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Seminarroom is an Ed-tech company working as a liaison between Academia and Industry.

Helps build great teams which are complete in skillsets & chemistry. Uses advanced psychometric tests & deep learning to bring users & right teams together

Leveraging tech to conserve rare plants and build serene living spaces. Enables ornamental, flower based and fruit based plants to grow inside the living spaces without access to direct sunlight

Harness the power of cutting edge Technology and Analytics to monitor and administer your pet right from our mobile app!

Get certified for microskills in industry simulated environment. Objectively evaluates skills and presents the capability of the users using deep learning.

Fuel growth & Innovation using powerful
insights uncovered by Advanced AI

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Real-time, accurate, and personalised hyperlocal weather information using AI and Smart sensors

Ensures farmers, sports, events & logistics are not affected by sudden variations in weather


Our automated security monitoring infrastructure continuously monitor your web presence to ensures safety against hackers & human errors.