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An online book rental & knowledge sharing service with presence across multiple Indian cities


A gourmet coffee products business that gives you the pleasures of being your own Barista

A framework for building online educational businesses. Apart from running we also power several online educational portals

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End to end web 3 digital stack for content creators & influencers

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Bringing passion in academics & careers to passion

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Using data driven psychometry and AI to reimagine collaboration and the way teams are formed

Leveraging tech to conserve rare plants and build serene living spaces. Enables ornamental, flower based and fruit based plants to grow inside the living spaces without access to direct sunlight

Extending the health and lifespan of your pets with smart wearables

Delivering objectively evidenced expertise and transforming companies' career page into a 24/7 hiring machine

AI-Powered Market Intelligence platform that generates trends and insights for your business from data across the web

Frizzle logo.png

Hyperlocal weather intelligence platform that provides accurate weather insights to individuals and businesses, enabling critical business decisions impacted by weather

Abhaya logo wide.png

Making SMBs around the world secure by reducing vulnerabilities


An entrepreneur-first virtual incubation platform for startups


A Decentralised non-custodial zero collateral crypto lending and borrowing protocol

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Accessible traditional & natural wellness


Subspace is a no-code platform that helps turn communities into brands & brands in to communities

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Helping build self-managed communities for senior citizens where they can learn, explore and have fun


Making campus placements efficient & intelligent for colleges, companies & candidates

Language station original logo.png

World’s first language learning platform for Social and Cultural integration of immigrants


Helping farmers with reduced effort and higher yield using Automated, intelligent drones

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Community appliances for authentic and sustainable lifestyle


An end to end digital assets nominee management platform using Web3.0

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For the love of board games! Escape boredom with a new board game every week, with the world's first subscription based boardgame company


A P2P short-term renting marketplace for creating more sustainable communities that group together to learn and share together

Logo.png is an AI enabled digital therapeutics platform with the goal of accelerating patient rehabilitation.


An ultra-local, hygienic and healthy food and beverage company with a 10 minutes delivery commitment using our unique "kitchen on table" innovation

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Smart and unique tyre management system, to make transportation more secure, effective and efficient.

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